• Build your own logic visually by connecting Nodes with each other. No coding necessary.
  • Each Flow is triggered by special Event Nodes which are always the starting point of any Flow.
  • Using a simple colour-system, you get to know right away which nodes can be connected to each other.
  • Access your own business objects using the Content Node and manipulate those as your logic requires.


  • Define your own models through Templates.
  • Each Template is composed of TypedFields which are attributes that structure the kind of data it should receive.
  • Create relationships between Templates (has-one and has-many).
  • Apply validators to make sure your app always get clean data.


  • typeflow provides a dedicated, user-friendly interface to create and manage contents.
  • Contents can also be managed through a third-party system using the GraphQL API.


  • Build you own web views using a powerful editor.
  • Link events such as a button click to your Flows to support complex behaviours like storing a form or sending an email.
  • Design dynamic views linked to your own contents and generate web URL or PDF.

Media Library

  • Centralise and organise all your media in one place.
  • Supports files like images, videos, audio, PDF and others.
  • Accessible through the API to upload, store and access all media.

Apps & Spaces

  • Create your apps, each app are restricted in its own space.


  • Allow IT and operation teams to safely test & provide new features without disturbing what’s existing. Schedule release so that no-one has to wake-up in the middle of the night to deploy a new version.

Permissions for Users, Teams and Bots

  • Create your own teams and manage their permissions the way you want. Give access to any of your custom templates and define whether they can Create, Read, Update or Delete contents.
  • For third-party access, create API Users and manage their access with dedicated API Tokens.