At Spendra, we’ve been building various private SaaS platforms, web & mobile apps, e-commerce websites, internal business process management (BPM) and Digital Signage widgets of all sorts for more than 10 years and its with this accumulated experience that we ended-up building an incredibly powerful tool to accelerate the development process of all these use-cases.

We believe we live in a world where all businesses need to react to change very quickly and adapt their strategy in realtime without having tools getting in the way. That’s why we built typeflow. To provide companies with a solid foundation and help them build their own apps, tools, BPM, websites or widgets in an easy, quick, secure, open and powerful way without the fear of being locked-in.

Even though our HQ is located near Lausanne in beautiful Switzerland, our team is 100% remote as we believe the future of workspace is digital-based.